An Impactful Way to Explore Mexico's Plant Based Gastronomy
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We are a hub for culinary professionals & food culture enthusiasts with a penchant for plant foods…
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Our Plant Food Lovers’ Experiences connect you with ancestral ingredients at the foundation of Mexico’s renowned gastronomy, and with the people and communities who sustain themselves with plant foods every day. 



Some ways you'll share in making an impact...

connectiNG people

We connect you with local foods and the people who know them best.

Local benefit

By consuming local produce, we put money directly into local hands. That supports small businesses and families.

Food Systems

We introduce you to people who forage for the produce they sell, or grow it in small plots called milpas. This translates to a small carbon footprint.

Get grounded in the traditions of
Mexican fruits, vegetables & herbs

This thorough primer of some of Mexico’s most emblematic plant ingredients will set you up for eating the freshest local foods, in season, culturally relevant, delicious and most of all, healthful. 

Welcome to Mexico!

Whether you're here for a day, a month, or for the rest of your life, you are surrounded by opportunities to ....

You're traveling...

Dive into the freshest ingredients on a short market tour and get to know the healthier street food options. Take a workshop, cooking class, or a full day trip for a deeper exploration of this complex food culture. 

You're here to stay...

Connect with your new community! Our market tours and cooking classes will help you navigate with confidence and will inspire you in your home cooking. 

Or, request a personalized shopping and cooking session>>

Corn to Comal

Mexico is our home and our constant inspiration.

We each bring our unique perspectives, ever-burning curiosity and passion to present you with meaningful and memorable Plant Food Lover’s Experiences.

Let us connect you with the culture of Mexico through the fruits of its land and the heart of its people.

Aside from treating you to the delicious plant foods of Mexico

Explore with confidence

Through the perspectives and practical tips of your guides/instructors you’ll gain confidence in navigating the food culture.

Sustainable traditions

We focus on foods grown in ancestral ways, in systems that have long sustained indigenous communities.

Cultural Insight

Eat well, while gaining insight into ways your food choices can benefit local communities.


I think food, culture, people and landscape are all absolutely inseparable."

Anthony Bourdain


Our focus on intercultural exchange unites Vegetarians, Vegans + Omnivores who care about healthy eating.


Plant foods are for everyone, and by nature, vegan-friendly! And, since Mexico’s cuisine is largely corn-based, we easily accommodate Gluten-free diets!