What's Frutas y Verduras?

Eating is an agricultural act...
an ecological act, and a political act, too"

Michael Pollan

Frutas y Verduras means, very simply: ‘Fruits and Vegetables’. Passing through any town in Mexico,  these words make it clear where fresh produce is being sold –painted on the streetside wall of a shop, or above a market vendor’s display.

We’re creating a hub and platform where people can connect to experience plant foods integral to Mexico’s regional culture and heritage. We’re especially focused on the people whose livelihoods are shaped and sustained by these foods.  They live in true interconnectedness with the earth.

Our aim is to bridge cultures through collaborations with bilingual teachers, guides and chefs. As your ‘experience hosts’, they offer their expertise and perspective to act as as ‘intercultural interpreters’, connecting you with local people, and giving them a platform to share their knowledge, skill and wisdom.

As a business for social benefit, pricing of experiences accounts for fair pay. Beyond the economic benefit, our engagement offers validation, especially to younger Mexicans, that this heritage is one to carry into the future. This human side of the food system is often overlooked in our busy world. We look to facilitate a meaningful exchange that’s transformative; we believe that all that there is to learn and understand can go a long way.

Be a Frutas y Verduras

All Frutas y Verduras Plant Food Lovers’ Experiences are presented by independent culinary and tourism professionals with a passion for healthy food and a desire to use their expertise and knowledge to connect people. When they talk about their communities, they express a strong sense of responsibility and a drive to make a difference.


Guided by a common Mission, these local professionals aim to benefit the people of the communities that you’ll visit. They have expertise and knowledge of their own, but their real purpose is to be a cross-cultural bridge, giving a voice and platform to enable locals to share their heritage with you. Whether that’s the vendor in the market or the woman who invites us into her home kitchen, it’s the connection between our guests and hosts that generates the greatest joy.

As you travel Mexico, connect with our locals in some of the country’s most beautiful destinations. Each tour or class is absolutely unique, reflecting the fresh food traditions of the region, the perspective of the individual presenting it, and the character of the community you visit.