A Fresh Food Lover’s
Guide to Mexico

By Margret Hefner

Learn about 50+ regional plant foods in this resource for cooks, travellers and everyday eaters

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Get grounded in the traditions of Mexican fruits, vegetables & herbs

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This thorough primer of some of Mexico’s most emblematic plant ingredients will set you up for eating the freshest local foods, in season, deeply relevant to this rich culture and delicious.

About the Author

Hola! I’m Margret, the Founder of Frutas y Verduras Mexico and author of Frutas y Verduras – A Fresh Food Lover’s Guide to Mexico.

I’m first generation Canadian – my parents were born in Ireland and Poland. Their families grew their own food, picked wild apples and berries; my father foraged for mushrooms in the forests. Though not part of my own upbringing, as long as I can remember, these simpler ways spoke to me. 

Soon after completing a BFA in metalsmithing at the Rhode Island School of Design, I had my first professional kitchen experience, at AlForno in Providence, RI. Ingredients came to the kitchen from local farms. The integrity and simplicity of the recipes depended on the fresh produce. This was 1990, early days for movements like Slow Food, farm to table and so on.

For the next nearly 20 years, I continued designing and creating objects, practicing my skills as a chef, and nourishing people with food.

In 2009, I made my first journey to Mexico to investigate its cuisine. Quickly my interest shifted from the preparations to the ingredients themselves. In the 10 years since, I have learned more about food, cultural attitudes, respect for the land and humanity in general, through the exchanges I have had in the markets of Mexico. The connection I feel with the people is what drives me forward.

Currently, I’m a bit of a nomad; nurturing family ties in Ontario, Canada, and moving around Mexico to continue making good food connections.