What's most striking about Yucatan is how connected the everyday person is to where their food comes from. The pride they have in their cooking traditions, the casual ease with which they detail family recipes, the widespread knowledge of growing seasons and indigenous plants. As a foreigner entering this culture, my interest in the local food has been more than welcomed and my own culinary background met with like interest, making true cultural exchange the norm."

Erin Gomez Danielson, Merida Lead Tweet
Erin and Susi

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Corn to Comal:
Tortillas and the Mayan Milpa

Susi Noh Un, our expert from Sacalaca, Quintana Roo,  guides you step-by-step through making tortillas and a variety of plant-based fillings and accompaniments.  Erin Gomez Danielson facilitates… Learn more>>

Family favorite

Duration Approx 3 Hrs

Merida Fresh Market Tour
+ Cooking Class and Lunch

Erin Gomez Danielson leads this essential exploration of regional fruits, vegetables and other culinary plants of Yucatán. 

Short on time? Join the market tour only, but you’ll be sorry to miss the class and meal!  Learn more>>

Traveller and new resident

Duration Approx 4.5 Hrs

Cooking Plant Foods of the Yucatán Every Day!

This class series is an invitation to celebrate the regional fruits, vegetable and herbs of Yucatán, by learning how to integrate them into your own diet.
These classes suit vegans, vegetarians and omnivores. The only requirement is that you love to eat fresh, healthy and local and love to experiment!

Each Class Duration 3.5 - 4 Hrs

Mérida community

Erin Gómez Danielson

Mérida Guide

I was born and raised in the foodie Mecca of the San Francisco Bay Area, California, and am a certified Natural Chef with ten years experience in professional kitchens. What I most love about living here in Merida is how integral food is to the culture and how willing locals are to share it with everyone who visits.

My Merida-born and bred husband and I moved back to his home city in 2014 and we now have two young children. I’ve spent the last four years learning about Merida, Yucatán and Mexico from everyone I meet here; be it what food to bring to a party, how to properly fry masa for panuchos, or how to drink your cerveza like a local.

I’m honored to collaborate with Frutas y Verduras Mexico in creating a tour that brings the proud plant food heritage of this region to a wider audience.

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