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Messages beyond images

Con P de Pasaporte is a project of Desiré, from Spain. She is a Travel Planner & Blogger and tells us about her trips and services. This is her story.

People behind the projects

Meet Diracsema & Beto, the minds behind the innovative project Café Labrador.

Next Story

We are working on a new story  here in Oaxaca. Stay tuned…

People's Stories

Demo Reels: Drones, Coffee, Cities & Music

Up Higher (drone demo reel)

We love flying our drones. They give us a different perspective, to see the world from another point of view.

Thanks, Seattle

Stories can also be told with words and music. Cities are full of life and motion. Thanks to Seattle for letting us see its magic.

Azul Cielo, Oaxaca

Oaxaca City is a beautiful place, Azul Cielo Hostel asked us to create a video to depict the experience they can offer to their guests.


A local, family-owned business from Mexico City that nurses and takes care of plants for businesses and houses.

5 Phases

Have you ever wondered what are the phases that your coffee has to pass through in order to arrive to your coffee machine?


Super-Ando is a superhero that fights to defend pedestrian rights in São Paulo, Brazil.

How do we tell stories?

VIdeo productions
Your story
Joint Vision


Video is a powerful tool to tell a story, from a short to a long one, we have plenty of elements and techniques to transmit the values, messages, or ideas through images in motion. We accompany you during the whole creation process, and we are specialized in online distribution if you need it as well.
If you want us telling your story, drop us a line. We have different pricing options so, even small businesses can tell their stories with videos.


Static captures of reality are helpful to tell a story too. The objective is the same, though the technique is different compared to a video, which ultimately is an extension of photography, only in motion.

A limited timeframe gives us also a different way to approach a narrative. We have fewer options in terms of continuity, but even more options in terms of interaction with the user’s imagination and engagement. We see photography with series and portraits as a convenient format for storytelling.

Landscape & Drones
Design to tell your story

Web Design

Distribution is an essential part of your communication strategy. If you have content already, as in copy, photos, or video, but don’t know how to put them together. We can assess you to put them all together to tell your audience and clients your stories or sell your products, so it says what you want it to say.ç

There are many ways to talk to your audiences. We can also help you to give your words the tone you want them to have to be assertive to whoever is listening to you. This applies either to new or existent content. There are multiple applications for a great storytelling tone; websites, social media, videos, letters, landing pages, articles, posts, captions, speeches… We are specialized in SEO strategies; web content to tell stories, social networks distribution, and consistency across all your platforms. Let us enable you to be a great storyteller in your industry or niche.