Café Labrador
Coffee with social consciousness.
Farmed in the mountains of southern Oaxaca.

How many stories can we fit in a cup of coffee?

When we met Diracsema, the mind behind this project, we knew immediately that a great project was about to begin. After several months of work, we can say that the stories behind Café Labrador have changed our lives and the way we see businesses. This coffee shop located in Putla, Villa de Guerrero, 6 hours away from Oaxaca capital, opted to be the first specialty bar in a region where nobody believed on them. However, they decided to move on, and things are on track; Oaxaca’s restaurants and coffee shops now serve their coffee. Locally they have managed to introduce specialty coffee in a market that knew little. Now espressos, lattes, and coffee beans march daily on their bar.

The importance of Quality

We used a strategy based on sharing with Café Labrador’s community and audience, the issues that are important to them. Starting with the quality of the coffee they produce and the dedication they put into it. Then, we created this video, where they explain the phases that coffee beans have to pass to give the final consumer a great flavor. One of the added values that this coffee family has is that they have control of all the phases to guarantee world-class coffee (we can validate that).

The people behind Labrador

Diracs and Beto are the masterminds behind this great project. However, one of the factors that make Café Labrador great is the importance they give to all the people who collaborate daily in their coffee business. From the producing families to the coffee bar staff.

An excellent example of this effort is the content they are working together with our Nomad Cook project. To make visible those who produce their coffee and their work, to give them the place they deserve within this industry that, generally, has forgotten this primary sector.

The best coffee is the one made with love

This is the first video in a series of episodes about those families who wake up from 4 am to harvest the coffee beans that wake us up and make our lives tastier.

If you want to know more about Café Labrador and the families behind their coffee production; subscribe to their YouTube channel and follow them on their social networks.

Stories with images

It is an honor to be able to tell the stories of Café Labrador through our lens. Check out their Instagram account and follow them, Pure “Perrón” content!

In addition to being able to tell these stories on social networks, it’s essential to put them together in one place. To enable them to reach more customers, we also collaborated on their website design. All this to be able to financially support this project and the families behind the most charismatic puppy of the Mixteca Oaxaqueña.

"Nomad Cook has a very personal style and the way of transmitting people's feelings. I think he tells more than stories, he depicts realities that few people want to see, feel, and live about the world of families who work on coffee."

If you happen to be in Oaxaca, don't forget to try out Café Labrador Coffee. You can find where to buy it on their website.

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