Con P de Pasaporte
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Stories are also Memories

When we started working on the Passport P project, Desiré showed me what he had already worked on. We agreed to work on the Storytelling for her.

First, we agreed to redesign her logo to communicate the concept of Passport and travel in a more visual way. Stories are based on expressing emotions and, we know that people who travel, are excited to have stamps in their passports, to remember their travels. We wanted the image of the project to send us to that moment where a new adventure begins, without forgetting the name of the project and the visual priority of the elements.

Experience Narrative

The using of video as a tool to narrate an experience, through a story, was the strategy that seemed most appropriate to promote Con P de Pasaporte services.

It’s essential to use the narrative to show the kind of experience Desiré offers as a service and added value. Having an authentic experience wherever you travel, connecting with local people. She’s an expert in it and makes us feel it in this video.

"Working with NomadCook Films has been an enriching experience. They have been very accessible, with a willingness to help and knowledge when advising, and the vision of the project is reflected in images, always making me part of the process of creation."

If you are planning to travel through Mexico or Central America, contact Desiré.

There is not much left to say. We believe in the projects we work on. After meeting Con P de Pasaporte, we are sure that Desiré knows what she’s doing. So if you plan to travel to any of these destinations, give her a shout.

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