The stories we like the most are those that reveal something inside us

How this project was born?

Nomad Cook Films was born as an evolution of a social project called Nomad Cook. Focused on telling stories of people and social projects in Latin America. The Nomad Cook continues his journey, exploring the corners of the world to find stories that are worth telling. Now he is part of this project, which opens its doors to offer the same storytelling quality for projects, ventures, and companies that need these services.

Take a tour of our demo reels to have an idea (or be inspired) of what kind of content we can create to tell your story. If you are interested in hiring us, drop us a line, and we will gladly talk about how we can tell your story effectively.

The project that gave life to this venture is intended to give voice to people who otherwise couldn’t have it. A great way to achieve it is by connecting these people with my audience or helping them to create theirs.

We focus on connecting people with people; Even when we tell stories about products or services, there will always be people behind them. The audience’s attention is more significant when, in the narrative we use, we know that there is someone else behind the message we are transmitting. That is our premise, along with high-quality visual content and language, we continue to create content to continue giving voice to wonderful projects and people.

The touch of the house continues